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Home Away From Home

     Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved. But how will they call on Him if they have not believed in Him? And how can they believe if they have never heard? And how will they hear without someone to tell them? And how can anyone be effective in spreading the Gospel unless he is sent?



Romans 10:13-15

Welcome Home!

Why We Exist

As a Child of God, you are interested in His world and what He is doing today.

Yet you do not sense His call to go to the “ends of the earth.” You may ask:


“How can I get involved in the Great Commission of world evangelism?”


Sending missionaries is one of the most important things a church can do, but we must take care of them not only in the field, but also when they are home.


You can join us as believers and be a part of a dynamic support team. Every missionary needs an as-enthusiastic-as-he-is-team of people who see themselves as his partners in the gospel.

Interested in joining our mission? Read about How to Help or Donate today.



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