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HOW to Help

When you choose to assist us in our endeavors be it physically, financially, or in prayer you are a vital part of the mission field.

In 2017, we assisted a missionary family by finding a furnished house for them to stay in for six weeks. Even at a generously reduced rate by the owner, the total cost was $3,800. We found this to not be cost effective and was not sustainable if asked to assist with houses for other missionaries. It became very clear that we needed to purchase properties and maintain them to be able to provide housing at no cost to missionaries in a more affordable manner.

We would ask you to join us in prayer that God will continue to guide our endeavors for His glory. At the present time, we are praying for the following:

Capital Investors to contribute to the purchase of properties
Recurring donations for covering operating expenses
Prayer that God will join us with likeminded people that will understand and get excited about this ministry and become involved physically and financially.
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